Meanwhile, less than 5 km from the cbd of melbourne NBN is currently scheduled 
for deployment 3+ years, maybe.

ADLS does exist and speed variable +/-5 mbs from approx base of 7 ("7!!! 
Lucky!!! in my day it took 7 pigeons to send a word document!!" apologies to 
Monty Python)

Skimming the overviews and seeing a rational for abandoning the USO, by 
2020(!!!) and no reference to the actual adequacy of the NBN or it being fit 
for purpose, adequate for the bulk of regional Australia ("let me just connect 
to the sky mustard, oh wait it's the monsoon...")

Don't you just wish you could be testing your actual NBN speeds ...

"Top Stories: Volunteers sought to test advertised NBN speeds

Australia's consumer watchdog is calling for volunteers to sign up to a 
broadband speed testing program in an effort to expose the 'real world' speeds 
provided to households and businesses connecting to the NBN.

Read the full story";

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