Our government (via nbn™) is looking increasingly desperate.
The spin in that response is ... about par for the course. Carefully cherry-picked statistics and factoids that present a deceitful picture.

I'll concentrate on one:
"The Fixed Wireless network has the capability of delivering Gigabit speeds as proven through recent trials in country Victoria." That test used (IIRC) seven user-channels and three W-NTDs in parallel. For perspective, I quote from the NBN design rules (page 41): "The maximum bandwidth planned for the Microwave Hub Site back to a FAN site is 900Mbps, allowing for the aggregation of up to 8 eNodeBs, with a maximum of 2640 End Users." So, up to 900 Mb/s, shared between up to 2,640 premises. In case you missed it, 900 Mb/s is less than 1 Gb/s - and it's shared by the better part of 3,000 users!

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