auDA has published an issues paper on behalf of the Policy Review Panel
that is recommending the set of policies that should apply to the
introduction of direct registrations under .au

Direct registration means internet domain names without the <com net org
edu gov id> so instead of you could see basically

Should you be interested in attending or making a submission (deadline 4
March) you should register for the upcoming forums:

I suggest you look at the various issues raised such as:
- should we introduce internationalised domain names under .au?
- should there be specific reserved words withheld from .au?
- should any existing 2LDs be retired? Should there be more?
- should there be priority for existing .au domain name holders?
- what should the cut off dates be for any priority?
- ???

Some things to consider also: the owner of nig would have
priority over nig (ironically some mail servers reject the n word as
content but the domain name exists fine). Do you want to see nig
Should it be withheld?

What about What about culturally significant words?
will be only available after ministerial assent but are there other words?
Would you be okay if became a porn site?


best regards


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