12 June 2018: iview has changed, what's new?


We're pleased to announce that we've just released a major refresh of the iview 
mobile apps and website …

As announced in March 2018, the ABC iview development team have been working 
hard to bring HTML5 (DRM) streaming onto the iview website which removes the 
need for the Adobe Flash Player plugin.

This is an upgrade that has required extensive changes to our video processing 
workflow and delivery pipelines, as well as the website itself.

The new website will no longer require you to download, install or allow Flash 
in order to watch your favourite shows.

The iview website will best viewed using the following OS and browser 

Operating System            Supported Browsers

Microsoft Windows         Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, IE 11*
Apple macOS                     Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Linux                                 Google Chrome, Firefox

* Internet Explorer is only support on Windows 8.1 and above. Due to 
limitations with IE on Windows 7, users are encouraged to use Google Chrome or 
Firefox instead.

What devices is this update available on?

The new-look iview has been made available on the iOS and Android applications 
for mobile and tablet devices, and on the iview website. Please stay tuned for 
further updates for Connected TVs and tvOS


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