Good day,
I just started playing with linphone, using the linux command-line linphonec.

I am new to sip in general, so some obvious things will still be not obvious to me. I have a device based on ubuntu 11.04, Natty, and some later machines with a newer version of linphone.
The older version is 3.3.2.
The newer linphone version is 3.5.2.

Using these two versions, i tried to do a call, but in both directions, I.E. calling from the older version/answering on the new one, or calling from the newer version, answering on the old one, I am getting an error like: ortp-error-Incompatible SDP offer received in 200Ok, need to abort the call
once I did "answer".
Can this be fixed with configuration?
Calling between two devices both running version 3.3.2 works correctly.

I tried compiling the latest version of linphone from source, but ran into issues when trying to build belle-sip.
Any ideas?
TIA, Willem


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