Try Freeswitch 1.6.x - preferably 1.6.10 - lots of things changed since 1.5.x .
Freeswitch and Linphone work pretty good together when it comes to Opus .

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 Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 9:42 PM
 Subject: [Linphone-developers] comfort noise and opus
I noticed something that I thought I would share for the benefit of others.
FreeSWITCH Version 1.5.15b+git~20141215T224714Z~0b414a8de8~64bit (git 0b414a8 
2014-12-15 22:47:14Z 64bit)Linphone 3.9.1

To reproduceplace a call with linphone using opus to a freeswitch server 
voicemail extension.listen to the outgoing message and leave a voicemail after 
the prompt.
observedFairly loud comfort noise is heard while leaving the message.
expectedshould hear silence instead of comfort noise.
If we change the codec to pcmu we hear silence instead of comfort noise.
Comfort noise is heard because after the outgoing message freeswitch stops 
sending rtp.
workaroundadd this to the voicemail extension before the answer application. 
<action application="set" data="record_waste_resources=true" ></action>
Russell Treleaven

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