Hello Everyone!

I've been doing some checking with other communications programs about
their "Do Not Disturb" feature. I see that Skype in it's "Do Not
Disturb" mode send callers to VM. I see in Phoner-Lite that the "Do Not
Disturb" mode sends callers to VM. I see Google Hangouts and Google
Voice both send callers to VM when you don't want to be called and would
prefer VM. Why has Linphone broken such a necessary feature?

I see it this way:

1. It's 3am and a wrong number calls. You don't want to be "harsh" to
the "wrong number" so your Linphone rings.

2. You want to make outgoing calls to check your data but want incoming
calls sent to VM because you are in a meeting and don't want your phone
ringing on your laptop while you are doing a slide show.

3. You want to see someone's "presence" without having to receive
incoming calls.

With the current version (3.10.2) in order to send calls to VM you must
go offline. This pretty much goes against the way all the other clients
handle "DND".

John Perry

Running Linphone 3.9.1
Why 3.9.1? "Do Not Disturb" is incorrectly implemented
in later versions.

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