Loving linphone and it's simplicity.  have tried many softphones and this
one is the best!

I have one issue.  Don;t know if it is a bug or something I have not done
correctly.  I have these bluetooth headsets that I have set up to work with
linphone.  After setting up the bluetooth headset and restarting, Linphone
automatically switched to the bluetooth headset in the preferences menu.

However, maybe an hour or less later, a call is made on linphone and now
the computer speakers and mic are being used and not the bluetooth
headset.  Computer shows the bluetooth headset as connected, but going to
the preferences in linphone only now show the computer speakers.

Problem is resolved by completely quitting linphone and starting again, but
that is a bit arduous.  Maybe something in the bluetooth setup i did not
configure properly?

Any tips appreciated.  thanks!

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