Dear all.

I've had some trouble compiling linphone for yocto:
My setup is:

Ubuntu 16.04.5 (latest LTS as of now)
Fsl community Yocto morty : commit: 
meta-bc: commit: 846ba5b278f7bd0f157a768001bd86256210ac1a

One fix is for an openssl dependency in polarssl:

diff --git a/recipes-bc/linphone/polarssl/ 
index c27e3de..dfadc04 100644
--- a/recipes-bc/linphone/polarssl/
+++ b/recipes-bc/linphone/polarssl/
@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ SECTION = "libs/network"
 INC_PR = "r0"

 PN = "polarssl-bc"
+DEPENDS = "openssl"
 PROVIDES = "libpolarssl-bc"
 S = "${WORKDIR}/git"

I can only see this problems with a clean bitbake core-image-minimal with 
linphone included. There is no dependency problem when I do a bitbake 
core-image-minimal with linphone excluded followed by bitbake linphone.

Another problem that I have encountered is that there is a path/antlr3 error 
for java whjen compiling belle-sip. I have  managed to solve this by installing 
antlr3 on my host. Can you add this to the compilation instructions on this 
Or is there a better solution for this problem?

The third problem that I encounter is the already solved problem with the libav 
bbappend fil. It is fixed in commit 2d866ada8359e83d67844d226b10c03783de3c40. 
The problem is that this commit is on the krogoth branch. Can you merge this 
into master?

Best regards,
Jeroen van der Laan


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