Hi folks

Andreas contacted me directly to ask if I’d made any progress, here’s my 

Hi Andreas

You’re right, I should probably post this on the belle-sip GitHub, but hoped a 
Linphone user had a solution… since a shared need is often the source of 
answers, even if they don’t make it upstream.

I am also far from expert! I followed this guide:

My initial error was:

belle_sip_internal.h:416:44: error: ‘ANTLR3_ENC_8BIT’ undeclared (first use in 
this function)

So I created a file ($HOME/local/share/config.site) containing:


I then  re-ran the steps (in the $HOME/src/linphone/belle-sip directory) to 
make the belle-sip code, but note the extra parameter to the configure script:

                 ./autogen.sh && ./configure --prefix=$HOME/local

The configure output reassured me with:

        configure: loading site script /home/pi/local/share/config.site

The “make” step got further, but it still failed:

        ../src/.libs/libbellesip.so: undefined reference to 

So I ran out of ideas at that point and (embarrassingly) gave up.

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