Dear all,

I have add some code to receive VOIP push message. When VOIP arrived, there are 
two incoming call event:

onCallStateChanged(core:call:state:message:) onCallStateChanged call: {length = 
8, bytes = 0xc86de00801000000} state: PushIncomingReceived
linphoneCallUpdate call: 0x108e06dc8, state: PushIncomingReceived, targetId: 
call: 0x108e06dc8, targetId: anonymous

onCallStateChanged call: {length = 8, bytes = 0x8848d20801000000} state: 
linphoneCallUpdate call: 0x108d24888, state: IncomingReceived, targetId: 
call: 0x108d24888, targetId: 16478126613

I don't know how to accept the calls.  I tried to accept the latter call, but 

Can anyone give me some example code?

Thanks very much!

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