I'm using Linphone Android 4.6.7.

The SIP domain is: ylc-telecom

In the SIP MESSAGE, the From header contains the IP address instead of the SIP domain.
For instance, this is a SIP MESSAGE:

    MESSAGE sip:tel001@ylc-telecom SIP/2.0
    From: <sip:tel002@_**_>;tag=-tOQtVux7
    To: sip:tel001@ylc-telecom

I was expecting:

    From: <sip:tel002@_*ylc-telecom*_>;tag=-tOQtVux7

The From header in the INVITE is correct. For instance:

    INVITE sip:tel002@ylc-telecom SIP/2.0
    From: "tel001-A51" <sip:tel001@*_ylc-telecom_*>;tag=30Q4WrdO6
    To: sip:tel002@ylc-telecom

This is not the case with Linphone 4.3.0.

Is it a bug or something wrong in the configuration ?

Thanks for any help,
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