Linphone 3.6 is very VERY outdated.

Please retry on recent releases <https://download.linphone.org/releases/> (4.6.7 on Android of 4.4.1 on Desktop).

If the issue is still there, we could fix it somehow.


Peio Rigaux
Junior DevOps Engineer
Belledonne Communications, the company behind Linphone
Linphone.org <https://linphone.org/>

Le 08/04/2022 à 10:57, Дилян Палаузов a écrit :

I run a SIP server on my computer with IP  I want to
setup Linphone to connect to that SIP server.  The domain is litteraly

I start the SIP Linphone Account Setup Assistant Wizzard from the
“Manage SIP Accounts” tab.  The wizzard does not allow me to enter as
domain I enter some dns-name as domain, click Apply and
configure the account.

The account is created, but not shown in the “Manage SIP accounts” tab.
I close the Preferences, open the Preferences.  In the “Manage SIP
Accounts” tab I see the account.  Edit .

Here I can substitute the domain I entered in the past with both under SIP Identity and under SIP Proxy address.  The
SIP User Agent does register now to the SIP server.

Please permit Linphone:
- in the Setup Wizzard to enter IP addresses as domain
- when the Preferences/Manage SIP accounts tab is open and a new
account is added, that account must appear as such, without the need to
close and reopen the Preferences window.

I use Linphone 3.6.1.


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