You should make sure that the email and sms params are correct in your flexiapi.conf file, as well as all the configuration of the XMLRPC scripts of the account-manager.

Unless you do remote provisioning, you need to modify the default values to enter your instance information (proxy domain, conference-factory-uri, path to PHP file of XMLRPC etc.).

A detailed how-to would take too much time as an answer to a free mailing list on my free time, sorry. I would have to gather all information manually, then explain the role of each files.

Maybe I will write a guide on this part, but only after the migration between XMLRPC scripts and REST API are fully done.


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Le 18/04/2022 à 20:58, Home Desk a écrit :
I Am trying to figure out how to create an account from Linphone Android & Desktop to my flexisip server using Assistant. I have both flexisip and flexisip-account-manager installed. I want to create the accounts from the applications directly rather than from the web front-end. From the website it indicates that the free sip service from linphone has been running on flexisip server so I am looking at creating accounts in a similar manner as is the case with Linphone accounts at sip.linphone.org <http://sip.linphone.org/>.

Any guidance and or a detailed how-to is very much appreciated. Thanks

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