Maybe your problem is related to power management.  iphone and android both
can be configured to save power when you are not using an app.   The
operating system does this to conserve battery drain.  Also I dont know
about Linphone specifically, but there is something called push... that can
help in this regard too.

On Thu, Jun 30, 2022 at 6:52 PM Christian Becker <> wrote:

> Hello to all linphone team, it is a pleasure to write to you and ask for
> your help by this means.
> I have had many problems running the linphone app on different mobile
> devices such as samsung or iphone
> The error is the following
>  I have installed the linphone app on iphone 6s to make and receive calls,
> the processes work fine as long as the app keeps it open when I minimize
> the app after approximately 4 minutes the service is disconnected from the
> Asterisk server. The same happens with another iphone 12, only on this
> device the app unlinks in about 10 minutes.
> On my Cricket ovation 2 android phone it works great, even when the device
> is in sleep mode, and finally in another samsung A51 phone the same fault
> also occurs, the service is disconnected in approximately 4 minutes.
> Now, when I turn the phone screen back on and reopen the application or
> select the app, the service relinks.
> I consider that the failure is not due to the configuration of the sip
> extension, because in my phone the service is always active and linked to
> the asterisk server, but the other phone models that I mentioned is a
> matter of certain minutes where they are unlinked from the asterisk server
> Please I need your help to solve this problem
> Thanks so much
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