Hello Linphone-Team,

thank you for your wonderful software, which I recommend my customers.

When installing Linphone Clients on Windows 10 Computers, I noticed a nice little bug: If a Windows-Explorer-Window of a directory named "Linphone" ist open, Linphone believes that there is an active session of a Linphone client and will not install. It just says "Please quit the Linphone client". Even if there has never been a Linphone client installed on this machine at all.

This applies to Linphone-4.4.8-win64.exe, Linphone-5.0.3-win64.exe, Linphone-5.0.8-win64.exe.

different PCs with Intel or AMD Processors, Windows 10 professional 64bit v21H2 or 22H2.

Greetings from the Neckar Valley to the Alps!


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