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Roger Rehr <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello, All,
> I am trying to set up the EME Window on Linrad for Windows and having 
> difficulty.
> I have re-discovered the following:
> 1.  Linrad wants the emedirectory to be C:\emedir, NOT \home\emedir or 
> C:\home\emedir as in Linux [not documented that I can see].
Feedback is really scarse as you know. The number of postings
on this list is pretty small ;-)
In the help file you can find this:

If you did it before and do not want to change anything,
press enter or any other key except M to use your old file:
/home/emedir/linrad_dxdata (Linux)
C:\emedir\linrad_dxdata (Windows)


In order to decide what polarisation to use for transmit Linrad
has to know the geographical location of the other station.
There are files on the Internet containing this information.
Make a directory /home/emedir for Linux or C:\emedir for Windows and
copy the data files there so Linrad can find at least one of these files:

/home/emedir/allcalls.dta  or  C:\emedir\allcalls.dta
/home/emedir/eme.dta       or  C:\emedir\eme.dta
/home/emedir/dir.skd       or  C:\emedir\dir.skd
/home/emedir/CALL3.TXT     or  C:\emedir\CALL3.TXT

(Search for emedir.exe allcalls.dta, CALL3.TXT and vhfsched.skd
on the Internet) Linrad will create the file own_info, a file
containing your own location, UTC offset and whether the EME
database should always be installed so you will not have to
press M on the main menu. The database will occupy some memory
and you may want to use memory for other purposes now and then on
a small computer, that is why you have an option here.

Linrad will also create linrad_dxdata which contains the data from all
the files in Linrad's own format. If the files contain incompatible
information, the file location_errors.txt will report the errors.
All files are created in /home/emedir(Linux) or C:\emedir(Windows)

Once the EME database is initialized, the EME window can be
used for finding call signs by a search for fragments using
? and * as "wildcards"

The above message is shown if you press F1 for help in 
the init procdure:
    lir_text(5,5,"Press M to update, F1 for help.");

The emedir directories should have been specified in options.h
as all other directories used by Linrad. I have forgotten - 
and nobody has complained....

> 2.  dir.skd is no longer available on the net.  At least I couldn't 
> find it.  Even af9y's links for it are broken.
> 3.  If call3.txt is either copied from a wsjt download or downloaded from
> http://www.bigskyspaces.com/w7gj/tracker.htm and placed in the emedir, 
> Linrad rejects it with the error:
> [1230]routine:init_eme_database  file:eme.c Failed to read CALL3.TXT  
> Excessive line length or field too long.
OK. Seems this file has changed its format one way or another
since I adopted Linrad to read it.

I will look into the EME data base issues for the next Linrad version
but before that I need to know which files besides call3.txt that are
still available and reasonably up to date.

> 4.  The reference page
> http://www.sm5bsz.com/linuxdsp/run/emewin.htm
> makes no mention of the fact that linrad may potentially use call3.txt, 
> but only mentions the now essentially defunct dir.skd, eme.dta, and 
> allcalls.dta files.  I thought I remembered that as a result of a 
> previous posting linrad would work with call3.txt, but was stymied by 
> #4 above.

Since I still have no antenna, I will only act on feedback from
others. Hopefully this will change, I am slowly building the tx side
of Linrad towards the antenna. I just made a 2x15V power supply with
three transformers to give me 15V from a 3-phase unstabilized
power supply to feed 2x WSE RX converters + one set of TX converters
running simultaneously. One RX chain is for "normal usage" on the main
computer. The other is connected to a second computer to serve as a
spectrum analyzer to check the performance of the TX chain that is
connected to the main computer. Right now I have a good signal
on 10.7 MHz (CW/SSB 10.688 to 10.788 MHz)

> I am very suspicious that all of this is old information and that I am 
> having a major deja vu experience, but figured I would send this to the 
> list after Google failed to give me what I need ;)
> All of this came about as I was preparing to give a lecture and 'how 
> to' session on Linrad tomorrow.  I guess I'll skip the eme window, at 
> least from Windows ;)
> [Yes I have everything working from Linux including the EME Window]
As far as I know, there is no difference at all between Linux and Windows
except for the directory names:
/home/emedir/ (Linux)
C:\emedir\ (Windows)

If you supply the relevant information I will update
the EME data base of Linrad to read the files that are
currently available for EME operators.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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