> I hope i've sent this inquiry to the correct address.

> The other night our SUN system running Solaris 2.6 crashed.
> Attached via NFS mount were a couple of LINUX machines
> (each was running SLACKWARE 2.2.16).  When the SUN box
> crashed it appears to have hosed the linux machines.
> We couldn't log into the linux machines and they had to be booted.

> We wondering if anyone is aware of this problem and if
> they have any solutions.

With a normal hard mount, the client is expected to wait for
the server to come back.  Many years ago I used to run diskless
suns.  Once we had the server down for a day.  The clients waited,
doing nothing, for a day and continued on after that.

The linux machines should have continued on when the server came
back, but you didn't say that you waited that long.  If you can't
wait, yes, reboot is often needed.  Sometimes you can get a umount
in quickly.

There is comp.protocols.nfs is you want to discuss it there.

-- glen

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