Hi... We are only a few weeks away from SHARE in Sacramento, and we're
still looking for volunteers to pick up the remaining 29 sessions. If you
are going, why not take a few minutes now out of your busy day to pick the
sessions you plan to attend, and sign up to chair one or more of them. Send
me a direct email with your choices please.

ID Session Title Day Start Time Speakers
22107 Introduction to RACF on z/VM Mon 2018-03-12, 13:45:00 Bruce Hayden
22649 Establishing a Linux Strategy in a Public Company Mon 2018-03-12,
15:15:00 Steffen Breitenbach;
Olaf Senger;
Falk-Oliver Bischoff
22142 Automating State of California Office of Technology Services (OTech)
Virtual Server Environment Mon 2018-03-12, 16:30:00 Paul Vincent
22647 Linux Performance Tools Overview and a Closer Look at the Perf Tool
Mon 2018-03-12, 16:30:00 Eberhard Pasch
22141 What Does Today's Buyer Think about Mainframe? Study Results from the
Open Mainframe Project Tue 2018-03-13, 10:00:00 John Mertic
21980 Powerful yet Easy to Use Cloud Management for Linux on IBM Z Tue
11:15:00 James Vincent
21837 LVM Program Volunteer Lunch - CLOSED SESSION Tue 2018-03-13,
12:30:00 Rick
22045 Migrate Linux Workloads to the Mainframe Using Open Source Tools
Tue 2018-03-13,
15:15:00 Niel M. Bornstein
22687 Managing and Orchestrating Docker Containers with OpenShift Tue
16:30:00 Neale Ferguson
21970 Lab: Introduction to REXX Workshop (Part 1 of 2) (BYO Device)
Wed 2018-03-14,
08:30:00 John Franciscovich
21971 Lab: Introduction to REXX Workshop (Part 2 of 2) (BYO Device)
Wed 2018-03-14,
10:00:00 John Franciscovich
22637 IBM Z Hardware Overview Wed 2018-03-14, 10:00:00 Rick Barlow
22118 z/VM Upgrade In Place Installation Wed 2018-03-14, 11:15:00 Richard
22104 Are There Free Tools Available to Use On My z/VM System? Wed 2018-03-14,
13:45:00 Bruce Hayden
21968 Lab: Introduction to Docker and Mobile with Docker Containers on
Linux for IBM Z, Part 1 of 2 Wed 2018-03-14, 15:15:00 Wilhelm Mild;
Richard Lewis;
Erich Amrehn
22043 Making the Business Case for the IBM LinuxONE and Linux on IBM Z
Wed 2018-03-14,
15:15:00 Eduardo C. Oliveira
21969 Lab: Introduction to Docker and Mobile with Docker Containers on
Linux for IBM Z, part 2 of 2 Wed 2018-03-14, 16:30:00 Richard Lewis;
Wilhelm Mild;
Erich Amrehn
22696 What If Even Your Linux Admin May Not Know Your Secrets? (Buendgen)
Wed 2018-03-14, 16:30:00 Buendgen
22044 May I introduce Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server for IBM Z and LinuxONE?
Thu 2018-03-15,
08:30:00 Frank Heimes
22136 Live: Docker and IBM Z Thu 2018-03-15, 08:30:00 Martin Schwidefsky
22049 The Analytics Hub on Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE Thu 2018-03-15,
10:00:00 Wilhelm Mild
22051 User Experiences with Linux and IBM Z - Customer Panel Thu 2018-03-15,
11:15:00 Neale Ferguson
22291 How to build an Enterprise Content Hub on Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE
Thu 2018-03-15, 13:45:00 Wilhelm Mild
22138 IBM Dynamic Partition Manager Introduction and News Thu 2018-03-15,
15:15:00 Carl Mayer
22042 LinuxONE and Linux on IBM Z Capacity and Solution Planning Thu
16:30:00 Jim Elliott
22459 Building a Blockchain From the Ground Up Fri 2018-03-16, 08:30:00 Barry
22221 Using JUnit for Product Testing Fri 2018-03-16, 10:00:00 Megan E.
22460 Blockchain Secured Fri 2018-03-16, 10:00:00 Volodymyr Paprotski
22399 IBM LinuxONE 101 Fri 2018-03-16, 11:15:00 Eduardo C. Oliveira


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