Perhaps we don't often run browsers in our
390 distros, but sometimes we have to. 
We use X-Windows for this; pretty clunky
but it works.  Usually.

Our SLES 11 used to run Firefox just
fine, but we hadn't used it in some time.
Now, it's broke and we're working the issue
with SuSE/Novell support, but we need someone 
whose Firefox works on S390x SLES 11.4 to 
*please* show us the output from:
  ldd firefox we can see what libraries show up
and compare to what we get.  (But be sure
your FF *does* run OK in your X-Windows!)

Our support guy only has x86 KVMs to test
with, unfortunately, and the libraries
are different there.

Your Firefox presumably lives in:

Plus, good to have the output from:
  cat /etc/

Extra credit if anyone sees a big clue
in the specific crash behavior, which is
ever-repeating long messages about a
"GraphicsCriticalError" in which there
are many "Unknown image format" errors;
this all but stops the rendering, and
makes the FF window unresponsive.

I'm brand new to even thinking about
Linux shared libraries and all their
plumbing, so any sage comments about
that are also welcome.

Many thanks!


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