David Boyes wrote:
>My main concern with the tool Tim mentioned is how closely
>is it tied to the whole BigFix tool ecosystem? SCRT doesn't
>seem to require any external dependency stuff to work
>(other than a working Java interpreter), and a quick look
>at the docs appear to show that the other tool seems to
>bring in a whole bunch of other dependencies, some of which
>are priced. Is that the case?

ILMT is still zero charge, including the BigFix components that now come
with it. See here for reference:


If (and only if) you're going to use BigFix for other purposes, beyond what
the components provided with ILMT are doing to support ILMT, then you'd
have to license BigFix.

As a general matter, IBM has indeed reduced the cost of entry to use Z and
LinuxONE. Here are some examples:

* The IBM Cloud's HyperSecure Database as a Service (DBaaS) offerings run
on IBM LinuxONE machines. See here for an introduction:


* The IBM Cloud's Blockchain Platform also runs on IBM LinuxONE machines.
Details here:


* The IBM LinuxONE Community Cloud offers Linux virtual machines on real
IBM LinuxONE machines for up to 120 days at no charge:


* The LinuxONE Rockhopper II, introduced last week, has further improved
"on premises" and Cloud Service Provider (CSP) platform economics. In most
countries, LinuxONE systems and software are now available via cloud-like
pay-as-you-use pricing, even though they are "on premises" machines. That
characteristic is at least uncommon among servers.

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