I am trying to set RTC on Nexus 5 (which uses qpnp-rtc driver).and
getting a permission error while setting it.

I am making following call from my application with valid arguments :

ioctl(rtc_fd, RTC_SET_TIME, tod)

when I make this call I see below messages in dmesg logs :

[   26.945670] spmi_pmic_arb fc4cf000.qcom,spmi:
pmic_arb_wait_for_done: transaction denied (0x5)
[   26.945743] qcom,qpnp-rtc qpnp-rtc-f85bbe00: SPMI write failed
[   26.945856] qcom,qpnp-rtc qpnp-rtc-f85bbe00: Write to RTC reg failed 1

The transaction denied message is coming from

It's fairly low level stuff and I am not sure why should it give a
permission error. The only config option I can find from documentation
is qpnp-rtc-write
and it is set in my configurations. In what cases I will get this
error while setting RTC ? Could this be a bug in the driver ?

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