On my UbuntuStudio 16.04 (4.4.0-36-lowlatency) the streaming interfaces
(16xin & 8xout) works perfect with the stock driver / JACK.
The intention of my custom snd-usb-audio is to offer the build-in DSP
features of the US-16x08.
So I didn't made changes to the streaming interfaces but added some mixer
quirks to the stock driver.
Add. I did coded a custom mixer application (QT5) to control the EQ and
compressor function via those new mixer interfaces.

ranokio wrote
> With JAck capture only works fine on Playback only mode, I have 8
> independent neat outputs

If you have problems with the streaming interfaces, I guess my driver wont
help you.

You may investigate the diff-file based on my changes in Ubuntu 16.04 which
you'll find  here <http://www.paraair.de/snd-usb-audio/us16x08.diff>  .

Note! Because I'd never investigate Fedora sources, I assume you should NOT
apply the patch to your kernel source directly.


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