Felipe Ferreri Tonello wrote:
> On 16/09/16 18:41, Clemens Ladisch wrote:
>> Felipe Ferreri Tonello wrote:
>>> I have a question. I would like to send sequencer events without
>>> scheduling but with a timestamp information associated with. Is that
>>> possible?
>> You could set the timestamp field of the event, but why bother when
>> nobody is ever going to read it?
> Thant's what I am doing[1] but I would like to know if there is a proper
> method of doing so.

You can either schedule an event to be delivered in the future, or send
it to be delivered immediately.

In the latter case, setting the timestamp does not make sense.

> This is *necessary* for MIDI-BLE at least, where the packet provides
> timestamp information.

If an event received over bluetooth is not to be delivered immediately,
you have to schedule it.

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