On Fri, September 30, 2016 16:04, David Robillard wrote:
> (Interesting intersectional sidenote: I've realized lately that in order
> to better establish LV2 on Windows/OSX, I need to write a native host,
> which is to say, a non-JACK one.  A JACK one is weird and requires setting
> up a bunch of other stuff at which point you've already lost)

Why is it weird?
last time (sometime ago) the installer exe was presenting itself like a
regular installer that was not unlike others. i'm not sure to remember if
there was also another tool required (asio4all / ?) to make it work or
not. compared to what jack already offers including it's ecosystem it
seems a small step to make the installation on other platforms something
that can be looked at as "solved". if there are issues, they could be
addressed. it should be easy for anyone designing their audio tools on top
of jack to rely on a basic plate that's offering a "working" jack.

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