On 08/04/18 03:08, Richard Guy Briggs wrote:
On 2018-04-07 18:38, Frank Thommen wrote:
On 07/04/18 13:56, Richard Guy Briggs wrote:
On 2018-04-07 04:04, Frank Thommen wrote:

we have started auditing on our systems (file open, close, write etc.). This
is no problem on local and on statically mounted NFS systems (-a exit,always
-F dir=/a/b/c ...).  However for automounted filesystems auditd only reports
on system calls on those filesystems which are mounted when auditd starts.

Is there a way to make auditd aware of newly mounted NFS filesystems, so
that we can audit them, too?

Have you looked at the auditctl "-t" (trim) and "-q" (equivalent)
commands?  I'm not certain they do exactly what you want, but may help.

Thanks a lot.  I don't understand what "trim" means in this context. Reading
the explanation in the manpage ("Trim the subtrees after a mount command")
I'd expect this to happen after an UNmount, not a mount...?

However -q looks promising.  I'll give it a try.

Warning that remote filesystems can't be expected to audit changes made
to that filesystem by other systems that have mounted that remote
filesystem unless those rules are running on that remote system.

All rules are running on the NFS clients, not the NFS servers.

Are *all* the clients running the rules? Since it is the host executing
the action that is the only one that can audit the action.

yes, all clients are running the rules


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