On 19/06/17 10:18, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
+static void nvme_rdma_destroy_admin_queue(struct nvme_rdma_ctrl *ctrl, bool 
+       nvme_rdma_stop_queue(&ctrl->queues[0]);
+       if (remove) {
+               blk_cleanup_queue(ctrl->ctrl.admin_connect_q);
+               blk_cleanup_queue(ctrl->ctrl.admin_q);
+               blk_mq_free_tag_set(&ctrl->admin_tag_set);
+               nvme_rdma_dev_put(ctrl->device);
+       }
        nvme_rdma_free_qe(ctrl->queues[0].device->dev, &ctrl->async_event_sqe,
                        sizeof(struct nvme_command), DMA_TO_DEVICE);
+       nvme_rdma_free_queue(&ctrl->queues[0]);

I don't like the calling convention.  We only have have two callers
anyway.  So I'd much rather only keep the code inside the if above
in the new nvme_rdma_destroy_admin_queue that is only called at shutdown
time, and opencode the calls to nvme_rdma_stop_queue, nvme_rdma_free_qe
and nvme_rdma_free_queue in the callers.

We can do that, but this tries to eliminate duplicate code as
much as possible. It's not like the convention is unprecedented...

-static int nvme_rdma_configure_admin_queue(struct nvme_rdma_ctrl *ctrl)
+static int nvme_rdma_configure_admin_queue(struct nvme_rdma_ctrl *ctrl, bool 

PCIe is just checking for a non-null admin_q.

Which I don't like very much :)

But I think we should
jsut split this into two functions, one for the shared code at the end
and one just for the first-time setup, with the nvme_rdma_init_queue
call open coded.

We can split, but I less like the idea of open-coding
nvme_rdma_init_queue at the call-sites.

        error = nvmf_connect_admin_queue(&ctrl->ctrl);
@@ -1596,6 +1601,8 @@ static int nvme_rdma_configure_admin_queue(struct 
nvme_rdma_ctrl *ctrl)
set_bit(NVME_RDMA_Q_LIVE, &ctrl->queues[0].flags); + blk_mq_start_stopped_hw_queues(ctrl->ctrl.admin_q, true);

Where does this come from?

Spilled in I guess...

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