On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 8:51 AM, Shaohua Li <s...@kernel.org> wrote:
> From: Shaohua Li <s...@fb.com>
> Sometime disk could have tracks broken and data there is inaccessable,
> but data in other parts can be accessed in normal way. MD RAID supports
> such disks. But we don't have a good way to test it, because we can't
> control which part of a physical disk is bad. For a virtual disk, this
> can be easily controlled.
> This patch adds a new 'badblock' attribute. Configure it in this way:
> echo "+1-100" > xxx/badblock, this will make sector [1-100] as bad
> blocks.
> echo "-20-30" > xxx/badblock, this will make sector [20-30] good

Did you happen to overlook block/badblocks.c, or did you find it unsuitable?

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