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>> Hi,
>> these two patches improve throughput-boosting logic in two
>> aspects. The first patch refactors the parts of the device-idling
>> logic, related to throughput boosting, that are still scattered across
>> the source file bfq-iosched.c. The patch concetrates all the logic in
>> one function. The second patch fixes/improves device idling for
>> flash-based devices that have no internal queueing of I/O requests.
>> The contribution in the first patch has been triggered by that in the
>> second patch: finding the change made by the second patch has been
>> more difficult than it had to be, because the logic that decides
>> whether to idle the device is scattered across three functions.
>> The second patch provides a significant throghput boost, for random
>> I/O with flash-based non-queueing devices. For example, on a HiKey
>> board, throughput increases by up to 125%, growing, e.g., from 6.9MB/s
>> to 15.6MB/s with two or three random readers in parallel.
> Hi Jens,
> any idea about the fate of these two patches?

Queued up for 4.14.

Jens Axboe

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