On 02/05/18 08:01, Jean-Louis Dupond wrote:
We've got some "strange" issue on a Xen hypervisor with CentOS 6 and 4.9.63-29.el6.x86_6 kernel.

Hello Jean-Louis,

Since this behavior was observed with a distro kernel I think a support request should be submitted to the vendor of that kernel. That vendor will be able to tell you whether or not a fix is already available for what looks like a hang in the iSCSI initiator. A possible alternative is that you install a recent upstream kernel on the system (e.g. v4.15.3), reproduce the issue and provide a dump of the information under /sys/kernel/debug/block. Recent kernels namely make detailed information available under /sys/kernel/debug/block for blk-mq drivers about which requests are in progress. That information will allow to figure out in which block driver a request got stuck.



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