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> From: Ming Lei [mailto:ming....@redhat.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 3:13 PM
> To: James Bottomley; Jens Axboe; Martin K . Petersen
> Cc: Christoph Hellwig; linux-s...@vger.kernel.org; linux-
> bl...@vger.kernel.org; Meelis Roos; Don Brace; Kashyap Desai; Laurence
> Oberman; Mike Snitzer; Paolo Bonzini; Ming Lei; Hannes Reinecke; James
> Bottomley; Artem Bityutskiy
> Subject: [PATCH V5 2/5] scsi: megaraid_sas: fix selection of reply queue
> From 84676c1f21 (genirq/affinity: assign vectors to all possible CPUs),
> msix vector can be created without any online CPU mapped, then command
> may be queued, and won't be notified after its completion.
> This patch setups mapping between cpu and reply queue according to irq
> affinity info retrived by pci_irq_get_affinity(), and uses this info to
> reply queue for queuing one command.
> Then the chosen reply queue has to be active, and fixes IO hang caused
> using inactive reply queue which doesn't have any online CPU mapped.
> Cc: Hannes Reinecke <h...@suse.de>
> Cc: "Martin K. Petersen" <martin.peter...@oracle.com>,
> Cc: James Bottomley <james.bottom...@hansenpartnership.com>,
> Cc: Christoph Hellwig <h...@lst.de>,
> Cc: Don Brace <don.br...@microsemi.com>
> Cc: Kashyap Desai <kashyap.de...@broadcom.com>
> Cc: Laurence Oberman <lober...@redhat.com>
> Cc: Mike Snitzer <snit...@redhat.com>
> Cc: Meelis Roos <mr...@linux.ee>
> Cc: Artem Bityutskiy <artem.bityuts...@intel.com>
> Fixes: 84676c1f21e8 ("genirq/affinity: assign vectors to all possible
> Signed-off-by: Ming Lei <ming....@redhat.com>

Side note - For a max performance, your below proposed patch/series is
required.  Without below patch, performance is going to be dropped due to
fewer reply queues are getting utilized one this particular patch is
genirq/affinity: irq vector spread  among online CPUs as far as possible

Acked-by: Kashyap Desai <kashyap.de...@broadcom.com>
Tested-by: Kashyap Desai <kashyap.de...@broadcom.com>

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