On Tue, 2018-04-10 at 14:54 -0700, t...@kernel.org wrote:
> Ah, yeah, I was moving it out of add_timer but forgot to actully add
> it to the issue path.  Fixed patch below.
> BTW, no matter what we do w/ the request handover between normal and
> timeout paths, we'd need something similar.  Otherwise, while we can
> reduce the window, we can't get rid of it.

(+Martin Steigerwald)

Hello Tejun,

Thank you for having shared this patch. It looks interesting to me. What I
know about the blk-mq timeout handling is as follows:
* Nobody who has reviewed the blk-mq timeout handling code with this patch
  applied has reported any shortcomings for that code.
* However, several people have reported kernel crashes that disappear when
  the blk-mq timeout code is reworked. I'm referring to "nvme-rdma corrupts
  memory upon timeout"
  and also to a "RIP: scsi_times_out+0x17" crash during boot

So we have the choice between two approaches:
(1) apply the patch from your previous e-mail and root-cause and fix the
    crashes referred to above.
(2) apply a patch that makes the crashes reported against v4.16 disappear and
    remove the atomic instructions introduced by such a patch at a later time.

Since crashes have been reported for kernel v4.16 I think we should follow
approach (2). That will remove the time pressure from root-causing and fixing
the crashes reported for the NVMeOF initiator and SCSI initiator drivers.



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