Hi maintainers and folks,

Some patches of this patch set have been sent before, they are not merged
yet, and I add two new patches to solve some issues I found while testing.
since They are interdependent, so I make a patch set and resend them.

[PATCH 1/4] bcache: finish incremental GC
[PATCH 2/4] bcache: calculate the number of incremental GC nodes according to
                        the total of btree nodes
[PATCH 3/4] bcache: notify allocator to prepare for GC
[PATCH 4/4] bcache: fix I/O significant decline while backend devices 

These patches are useful to prevent I/O fluctuations or even jump 0 while GC or
cached devices registering. I have test them for some times, I hope somebody 
have a review for these patch, any comment would be welcome.

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