On Sun, 2018-04-15 at 19:35 -0600, Tim Walker wrote:
> I also believe the dual-actuator, or any significant HDD parallelism,
> would map well onto an NVMe target, or NVMe-oF behind nvmet. Maybe a
> lightweight virtual NVMe controller that would efficiently present the
> HDD logs/mode pages/etc via the admin queue and the LUNs as fixed
> namespaces...?
> Doug, I will flesh your three LUN idea out some more and send it up
> the flagpole over here. Thanks for the input.
> I'd like to have a conversation at LSFMM and maybe pull together a
> fairly well defined consensus recommendation. Is that possible? Can we
> schedule it?

Hello Tim,

I think that you have to submit a request to the LSF/MM program committee
(lsf...@lists.linux-foundation.org) to add an item to the official agenda.
In case this topic wouldn't be added to the official agenda we can still
discuss this topic in a meeting room at the LSF/MM location.


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