On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 11:10:35PM +0000, Ray, Mark C (Global Solutions 
Engineering (GSE)) wrote:
> Hi Ming,
> In the customer case, the cpu_list file was not needed.   It was just part of 
> a SAP Hana script to collect all the block device data (similar to 
> sosreport).    So they were just dumping everything, and it picks up the 
> mq-related files.  
> I know with IRQs, we have bitmaps/mask, and can represent the list such as 
> "0-27", without listing every CPU.   I'm sure there's lots of options to 
> address this, and getting rid of the cpu_list is one of them.

Indeed, same with several attributes under /sys/devices/system/cpu/,
actually we can use cpumap_print_to_pagebuf() to print the CPUs.


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