Hi all,

I want to make a btrfs raid0 on 2 partitions of my pc.
Until now I am using the mdadm tools to make a software raid of the 2
partitions /dev/sde2, /dev/sdd2
and then mkfs.etx4 the newly created /dev/md0 device.
>From performance point of view is it better to keep the configuration of mdadm
and just format the /dev/md0 device as btrfs OR
delete the raid device and format the 2 partitions /dev/sde2 /dev/sdd2
as a btrfs with 2 devices?
mkfs.btrfs /dev/sde2 /dev/sdd2

On a sidenote:
If I decide to go for raid5 which is not supported currently from mkfs
I have to use the mdadm tool anyway, right?

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