Chris Mason on 10 Feb 13:17:
> Excerpts from Ben Gamari's message of 2011-02-09 21:52:20 -0500:
> > Over the last several months there have been many claims regarding
> > the release of the rewritten btrfsck. Unfortunately, despite
> > numerous claims that it will be released Real Soon Now(c), I have
> > yet to see even a repository with preliminary code. Did I miss an
> > announcement? There is something to be said for "release early,
> > release often." Is there a timeline for getting btrfsck into some
> > sort of usable form?
> Yes, but its still real soon now.  I've been at about 90% done since
> Christmas.  It would have been out last week but I've been chasing a
> debugging a very difficult corruption under load.
> I finally found a race in btrfs causing the corruption and now I'm
> back on fsck full time again.

This mail was about four month ago...
Any news on this topic?

I really would like to test btrfs on my desktop systems, but I still
hesitate because of the missing fsck.
Schoene Gruesse
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