On 07/01/2011 06:07 PM, Josef Bacik wrote:

I found what my btrfs partition now is really slow. Something wrong
happend. I try on 2.6.32 and 2.6.39 - same result. It is because
partition is almost full?

I run a simple cycle to clean some old files:
for i in `cat /tmp/delit`; do rm -f $i ; done

And it is takes about 5-10 second per file to delete.
I get sysrq+w while rm is work - it is attached.

Just a shot in the dark, but will you give this a shot and let me know
how it goes?  Thanks

Sorry for late answer. Im afraid I can`t test it now - then problem occurs I have no time to wait and format partition. But I will save this patch and if I run at this problem again I will try it and report here.

Thanks for your help anyway.

Best regards,
Proskurin Kirill
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