+static long btrfs_ioctl_set_received_subvol(struct file *file,
+                                           void __user *arg)
+       struct btrfs_ioctl_received_subvol_args *sa = NULL;

+       ret = copy_to_user(arg, sa, sizeof(*sa));

+struct btrfs_ioctl_received_subvol_args {
+       char    uuid[BTRFS_UUID_SIZE];  /* in */
+       __u64   stransid;               /* in */
+       __u64   rtransid;               /* out */
+       struct timespec stime;          /* in */
+       struct timespec rtime;          /* out */
+       __u64   reserved[16];

Careful, timespec will be different sizes in 32bit userspace and a 64bit
kernel.  I'd use btrfs_timespec to get a fixed size timespec and avoid
all the compat_timespec noise.  (I'd then also worry about padding and
might pack the struct.. I always lose track of the best practice across
all archs.)

- z
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