My cache adventures (slow boot, btrfs ERRORs in dmesg) continue; I went to the 
btrfs IRC and xaba suggested that I run btrfs check with the latest btrfs-progs 
from Chris. I was surprised to see such a multitude of errors, most of which 

Extent back ref already exists for 951664640 parent 0 root 259
ref mismatch on [142340096 4096] extent item 1, found 2
Incorrect global backref count on 142340096 found 1 wanted 2
backpointer mismatch on [142340096 4096]
Errors found in extent allocation tree or chunk allocation
There is no free space entry for 2169298944-2176843776
cache appears valid but isnt 1103101952
free space inode generation (0) did not match free space cache generation 

The output of btrfs check can be found on:

The output of dmesg (less interesting, though):

I am running Arch Linux, kernel 12.0. I am a typical desktop user and I can't 
say that I did anything out of the oridinary. When my boot has become slower, I 
cleared the cache and it helped, but the second time I did it I started seeing 
errors in dmesg.

I will be happy to provide additional information.


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