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> Hi,
> I have used the btrfs filesystem in one of my projects and I have
> added a small feature to it. I feel that the same feature will be
> useful for others too. Hence I would like to contribute the same to
> open source.

> If everything works fine and this feature is not already added by
> somebody else, this will be my first contribution to the opensource &
> I am excited to join the huge family of opensource :)
> Please help me with a precise steps to do the same.
In general the way to contribute is to send a patch for review. You
should have a look at the code style guidelines[1] and patch submission
guidelines[2] in the kernel tree. For nontrivial changes the patch
should be accompanied by a cover letter describing the change and the
motivations for any non-obvious design decisions.

It is possible that your change is acceptable as-is. More likely,
however, is that there will be some discussion and requests for
changes. Eventually the review process will produce a merge-worthy
patch. The first step, however, is sending something concrete for
community review.


- Ben


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