I think after the balance it was a fine, non-degraded RAID again... As
far as I remember.


2014-03-20 1:46 GMT+01:00 Marc MERLIN <m...@merlins.org>:
> On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 01:44:20AM +0100, Tobias Holst wrote:
> > I tried the RAID6 implementation of btrfs and I looks like I had the
> > same problem. Rebuild with "balance" worked but when a drive was
> > removed when mounted and then readded, the chaos began. I tried it a
> > few times. So when a drive fails (and this is just because of
> > connection lost or similar non severe problems), then it is necessary
> > to wipe the disc first before readding it, so btrfs will add it as a
> > new disk and not try to readd the old one.
> Good to know you got this too.
> Just to confirm: did you get it to rebuild, or once a drive is lost/gets
> behind, you're in degraded mode forever for those blocks?
> Or were you able to balance?
> Marc
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