On 10/14/2014 02:35 PM, Duncan wrote:
But at some point, presumably after a fix is in place, since the damaged
snapshots aren't currently always deletable, if the fix only prevents new
damage from occurring and doesn't provide a way to fix the damaged ones,
then mkfs would be the only way to do so.  With the damage limited to
those snapshots and not spreading to normal writable snapshots or the
working copy, dropping everything to do that mkfs isn't urgent, but it
(the mkfs) will need to be done at some point to clear the undeletable
snapshots, again, assuming the fix doesn't provide a way to get rid of
them (the currently undeletable snapshots).

What happens if "btrfs property set" is used to (attempt to) promote the snapshot from read-only to read-write? Can the damaged snapshot then be subjected to scrub of btrfsck?


btrfs property set /path/to/snapshot ro false
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