On 2016-09-13 09:39, Anand Jain wrote:

This patchset adds btrfs encryption support.

The main objective of this series is to have bugs fixed and stability.
I have verified with fstests to confirm that there is no regression.

A design write-up is coming next, however here below is the quick example
on the cli usage. Please try out, let me know if I have missed something.

Also would like to mention that a review from the security experts is due,
which is important and I believe those review comments can be accommodated
without major changes from here.

Also yes, thanks for the emails, I hear, per file encryption and inline
with vfs layer is also important, which is wip among other things in the

As of now these patch set supports encryption on per subvolume, as
managing properties on per subvolume is a kind of core to btrfs, which is
easier for data center solution-ing, seamlessly persistent and easy to


Make sure following kernel TFMs are compiled in.
# cat /proc/crypto | egrep 'cbc\(aes\)|ctr\(aes\)'
name         : ctr(aes)
name         : cbc(aes)

Create encrypted subvolume.
# btrfs su create -e 'ctr(aes)' /btrfs/e1
Create subvolume '/btrfs/e1'
Again passphrase:

A key is created and its hash is updated into the subvolume item,
and then added to the system keyctl.
# btrfs su show /btrfs/e1 | egrep -i encrypt
        Encryption:             ctr(aes)@btrfs:75197c8e (594790215)

# keyctl show 594790215
 594790215 --alsw-v      0     0  logon: btrfs:75197c8e

Now any file data extents under the subvol /btrfs/e1 will be

You may revoke key using keyctl or btrfs(8) as below.
# btrfs su encrypt -k out /btrfs/e1

# btrfs su show /btrfs/e1 | egrep -i encrypt
        Encryption:             ctr(aes)@btrfs:75197c8e (Required key not 

# keyctl show 594790215
Unable to dump key: Key has been revoked

As the key hash is updated, If you provide wrong passphrase in the next
key in, it won't add key to the system. So we have key verification
from the day1.

# btrfs su encrypt -k in /btrfs/e1
Again passphrase:
ERROR: failed to set attribute 'btrfs.encrypt' to 'ctr(aes)@btrfs:75197c8e' : 
Key was rejected by service

ERROR: key set failed: Key was rejected by service

# btrfs su encrypt -k in /btrfs/e1
Again passphrase:
key for '/btrfs/e1' has  logged in with keytag 'btrfs:75197c8e'

Now if you revoke the key the read / write fails with key error.

# md5sum /btrfs/e1/2k-test-file
8c9fbc69125ebe84569a5c1ca088cb14  /btrfs/e1/2k-test-file

# btrfs su encrypt -k out /btrfs/e1

# md5sum /btrfs/e1/2k-test-file
md5sum: /btrfs/e1/2k-test-file: Key has been revoked

# cp /tfs/1k-test-file /btrfs/e1/
cp: cannot create regular file ‘/btrfs/e1/1k-test-file’: Key has been revoked

Plain text memory scratches for security reason is pending. As there are some
key revoke notification challenges to coincide with encryption context switch,
which I do believe should be fixed in the due course, but is not a roadblock
at this stage.

Before I make any other comments, I should state that I asbolutely agree with Alex Elsayed about the issues with using CBC or CTR mode, and not supporting AE or AEAD modes. If that's going to be the case, then there's essentially no point in merging this as is, as it has worse security than other filesystem level encryption options in the kernel by a pretty significant margin. This absolutely _needs_ to be done right the first time, otherwise the reputation of BTRFS will suffer further, and nobody sane is going to use subvolume encryption for years after it's 'fixed' to be properly secure.

Now, the other thing I wanted to comment about:
How does this handle cloning of extents? Can extents be cloned across subvolume boundaries when one of the subvolumes is encrypted? Can they be cloned within an encrypted subvolume? What happens when you try to clone them in either case if it isn't supported?

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