however here below is the quick example
on the cli usage. Please try out, let me know if I have missed something.

Also would like to mention that a review from the security experts is due,
which is important and I believe those review comments can be accommodated
without major changes from here.

I disagree. Others commented on the crypto stuff, I see enough points to
address that would lead to major changes.

Also yes, thanks for the emails, I hear, per file encryption and inline
with vfs layer is also important, which is wip among other things in the

Implementing the recent vfs encryption in btrfs is ok, it's just feature
parity using an existing API.

 As mentioned 'inline with vfs layer' I mean to say to use
 fs/crypto KPIs. Which I haven't seen what parts of the code
 from ext4 was made as generic KPIs. If that's getting stuff
 correct in the encryption related, I think it would here as well.

 Internal to btrfs - I had challenges to get the extents encoding
 done properly without bailout, and the test plan. Which I think
 is addressed here in this code. as mentioned.

And a note from me with maintainer's hat on, there are enough pending
patches and patchsets that need review, and bugs to fix, I'm not going
to spend time on something that we don't need at the moment if there are

 Honestly I agree. I even suggested but I had no choice.

 Pls, feel free to flame on the (raid) patches if its not correct,
 because its rather more productive than no reply.

Thanks, Anand
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