I have a system that has been in production for a few years.  The SAN the VM 
was running on had a hardware failure about a month ago and now one of the two 
btrfs filesystems will remount after boot read-only.  Here is the system 

uname -a

Linux retain 3.0.101-0.47.71-default #1 SMP Thu Nov 12 12:22:22 UTC 2015 
(b5b212e) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Btrfs --version

Btrfs v0.20+

Btrfs fi show

Label: none  uuid: f1e23038-22c1-44b2-8cf8-a3ca6363d2f4
        Total devices 1 FS bytes used 303.01GiB
        devid    1 size 1024.00GiB used 351.04GiB path /dev/dm-2

Label: none  uuid: 85e58f4e-ce56-4b11-9ed9-16abeead8863
        Total devices 1 FS bytes used 83.83GiB
        devid    1 size 149.49GiB used 101.49GiB path /dev/dm-0

Btrfs v0.20+

Btrfs fi df /retain

Data: total=261.01GiB, used=259.23GiB
System, DUP: total=8.00MiB, used=40.00KiB
System: total=4.00MiB, used=0.00
Metadata, DUP: total=45.00GiB, used=43.77GiB
Metadata: total=8.00MiB, used=0.00

Dmesg--Can provide the full output if needed via attachment.  Here is where the 
fs remounts read-only:

[   55.181245] btrfs: parent transid verify failed on 153295646720 wanted 
230487 found 230484
[   55.187980] btrfs: parent transid verify failed on 153295646720 wanted 
230487 found 230484
[   55.187991] BTRFS debug (device dm-2): run_one_delayed_ref returned -5
[   55.187994] ------------[ cut here ]------------
[   55.188021] WARNING: at 
__btrfs_abort_transaction+0x60/0x170 [btrfs]()
[   55.188024] Hardware name: VMware Virtual Platform
[   55.188026] btrfs: Transaction aborted (error -5)
[   55.188028] Modules linked in: acpiphp microcode fuse xfs ext3 jbd mbcache 
loop sr_mod ppdev vmw_balloon(X) i2c_piix4 intel_agp pciehp ipv6_lib cdrom 
parport_pc shpchp parport rtc_cmos intel_gtt pci_hotplug floppy i2c_core sg 
container ac mptctl serio_raw button pcspkr btrfs zlib_deflate crc32c libcrc32c 
dm_mirror dm_region_hash dm_log linear sd_mod crc_t10dif processor thermal_sys 
hwmon scsi_dh_rdac scsi_dh_hp_sw scsi_dh_emc scsi_dh_alua scsi_dh dm_snapshot 
dm_mod vmw_pvscsi vmxnet3 ata_generic ata_piix libata mptspi mptscsih mptbase 
scsi_transport_spi scsi_mod
[   55.188071] Supported: Yes, External
[   55.188075] Pid: 1985, comm: sync Tainted: G             X 
3.0.101-0.47.71-default #1
[   55.188077] Call Trace:
[   55.188090]  [<ffffffff81004b95>] dump_trace+0x75/0x300
[   55.188097]  [<ffffffff814638a3>] dump_stack+0x69/0x6f
[   55.188104]  [<ffffffff81061f07>] warn_slowpath_common+0x87/0xe0
[   55.188109]  [<ffffffff81062015>] warn_slowpath_fmt+0x45/0x60
[   55.188125]  [<ffffffffa018eb40>] __btrfs_abort_transaction+0x60/0x170 
[   55.188152]  [<ffffffffa01ab466>] btrfs_run_delayed_refs+0x3a6/0x520 [btrfs]
[   55.188192]  [<ffffffffa01bb3de>] btrfs_commit_transaction+0x42e/0xa00 
[   55.188228]  [<ffffffff8118a0f2>] __sync_filesystem+0x62/0xb0
[   55.188234]  [<ffffffff8116133a>] iterate_supers+0x6a/0xc0
[   55.188239]  [<ffffffff8118a1b2>] sys_sync+0x52/0x80
[   55.188244]  [<ffffffff8146e772>] system_call_fastpath+0x16/0x1b
[   55.188251]  [<00007f45758cafc7>] 0x7f45758cafc6
[   55.188253] ---[ end trace c5a604849514ffcd ]---
[   55.188257] BTRFS error (device dm-2) in btrfs_run_delayed_refs:2688: 
errno=-5 IO failure
[   55.188259] BTRFS info (device dm-2): forced readonly
[   55.188263] BTRFS warning (device dm-2): Skipping commit of aborted 
[   55.188266] BTRFS error (device dm-2) in cleanup_transaction:1538: errno=-5 
IO failure

Thank you for your assistance,

Jeff Michels

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