On Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 01:33:27PM -0700, Omar Sandoval wrote:
> > Omar, looks like we need to make the patched kernel refuse to mount free
> > space trees without a new incompat bit set.  That way there won't be any
> > surprises for the people that have managed to get a free space tree saved.
> > Can it please printk a message about clearing the tree and mounting again?
> > 
> > -chris
> Sorry it took me a month to get around to this, I tried to implement
> this a couple of ways but I really don't like it. Basically, when we see
> that we're missing the compat bit, we have to assume that the free space
> tree was created with the same endianness that we're running on now.
> That could lead to a false positive if, say, we created the filesystem
> on a little-endian machine with an old kernel but are using it on a
> big-endian system, or a false negative if it was created on a big-endian
> machine with an old kernel but we're using it on a little-endian
> machine.
> There's also the question of making it a compat bit vs an incompat bit.
> An incompat bit makes sure that we don't break the filesystem by
> mounting it on an old big-endian kernel, but needlessly breaks
> backwards-compatibility for little-endian.
> I'd be much happier if we could just pretend this never happened. Here's
> the patch, anyways, for the sake of completeness. Chris, what do you
> think?

Here's my proposal how to resolve this:

* we have reports from people using intel hw that FST works fine for
  them, so here I don't see any need to introduce incompat bits

* there are few users on bigendian machines, they need to update kernel
  to store the correct layout of FST bitmap

* as majority of user will never hit the BE/LE problem, I'd focus on
  advising how to reset the free space tree and let anybody update (ie.
  pretend this hasn't happened)

I don't think we absolutelly must introduce the incompat bit and prevent
a disaster, because there are very few users affected.
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