On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 10:04:58AM -0400, je...@suse.com wrote:
> From: Jeff Mahoney <je...@suse.com>
> This is a patchset I've been working on to clean up message printing,
> make it adhere to kernel style, and be more consistent.
> The end result is that we:
> * use dynamic debugging for debugging messages
> * merge strings that exceed 80 characters into a single greppable string
> * convert printk calls to btrfs_{warn,info,err,debug,etc} calls where it
>   makes sense.
> * dump the ad-hoc verbose_printk garbage in send
> The exception to this is check-integrity since it has a ton of messages
> and it also has its own mask mechanism.  I wanted to discuss if we wanted
> to find another solution to that and, if so, how we want to move forward
> there.

IIRC integrity checker does a lot of custom string formatting,
indentation etc, but as it's a debugging feature you can leave it as is.

> Dave, this will probably conflict with the fsinfo patchset, so please
> advise on which you want to land first.

I've test-applied the whole patchset on current "for 4.9" queue and
there were no conflicts, so I that as a good starting point. Please use
the branch misc-4.9 for base of the fs_info cleanup patches. Thanks.
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