On 09/22/16 14:18, Rich Freeman wrote:
> I have been getting panics consistently after doing a btrfs replace
> operation on a raid1 and rebooting.  I linked a photo of the panic; I
> haven't been able to get a text capture of it.
> https://ibin.co/2vx0HhDeViu3.jpg
> I'm getting this error on the latest 4.4, 4.1, and even on an old
> 3.18.26 kernel I had lying around.

What happens when you try to boot e.g. SystemRescueCD?
If it is what I think it is (see below) then that should start bombing
as well.

> I'm able to boot into single-user mode and if I don't start any
> processes the system seems fairly stable.  I am also able to start a
> btrfs balance and run that for several hours without issue.  If I
> start launching services the system will tend to panic, though how
> many processes I can launch will vary.  I don't think that it is a
> particular file being accessed that is triggering the issue since the
> point where it fails varies.  I suspect it may be load-related.

If the SystemRescue method does not work then you have either
an overheating/dying CPU or - more likely - bad memory.

Another - probably unlikely, but not impossible - option would be to
delete the swap file, if you have one. I've seen some super-strange
things with corrupt or incorrectly created swap *even if it isn't
heavily used*, right after boot. E.g. if your swapfile was fallocated
instead of dd'ed and lives on ext4 or XFS, you *must* use the -z option
to pre-touch all extents.

Or maybe it's the ghost of ZFS, if that's patched in as well.. :-)


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