Hi Josef,

Em qui, 2016-09-22 às 13:49 -0400, Josef Bacik escreveu:
> That patch fixed a problem where we would screw up the ENOSPC
> accounting, and 
> would slowly leak space into one of the counters.  So eventually (or
> often in 
> your case) you'd hit ENOSPC, but have plenty of space available.  If
> you 
> unmounted and mounted again, or simply rebooted, everything would
> have been 
> fine.  You can still use the fs, the accounting is purely in memory
> so it's not 
> like your FS is permanently screwed.  Thanks,

Thank you very much for the explanation. I am very glad it is finally
fixed here :)

Best regards,
Ronan Arraes
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